Echoes of Elegance: BASOTECT™ by BASF Crafting Acoustic Wonders

Within the realm of architectural acoustics, a revolution unfolds through the innovation of BASOTECT™ by BASF. The Acoustics Company proudly serves as a licensees of this cutting-edge technology. This article explores the transformative world of sound solutions, where the “Basotect” echoes through every layer of acoustical brilliance.

The Enchanting BASOTECT™ Advantage

The Pinnacle of Acoustic Mastery

BASOTECT™ melamine foam stands tall as the epitome of an impeccable acoustic solution. Whether it’s sound absorption, fire resistance, thermal insulation, or abrasiveness, this innovative material reigns supreme, making it the preferred choice in the architectural acoustics industry.

Unleashing Versatility

Available in various types such as Basotect® TG, Basotect® W, Basotect® B, Basotect® G+, and Basotect® UF+, melamine foam exhibits extraordinary versatility. Its open-cell structure, whether light grey or white, ensures delightful room acoustics. This flexibility allows it to be used in its raw state or adorned with various facings, painted or printed, offering designers and architects an expansive canvas of creative possibilities.

Technical Brilliance on Display

BASOTECT™ is not just about performance; it’s about technical brilliance. This melamine foam transcends expectations with fire ratings up to Class 0, maximum dimensions reaching 2500mm x 1250mm x 500mm, and a density standard of UF+ 9kg/m³. Excellent thermal conductivity, % cutting tolerance of 2%, and Class A acoustic performance further amplify its technical prowess.

Key Features: Unveiling the Marvels

  • Cost-Effective Wonder: BASOTECT™ is an incredibly cost-effective solution, delivering top-notch performance without a hefty price tag.
  • Weightless Mastery: Its extremely lightweight nature facilitates easy handling and swift installation, a testament to its user-friendly design.
  • Form to Function: The material’s thermoformable characteristic adds a layer of design flexibility, allowing it to conform to various architectural visions.
  • Durability in Every Fiber: With abrasiveness in its essence, BASOTECT™ stands as a durable choice for diverse applications.
  • Guardian of Safety: High fire performance makes it a perfect fit for interiors where safety is paramount.
  • Versatile Applications: From wall panels to ceiling rafts, baffles, and beyond, BASOTECT™ finds applications across the architectural spectrum.
  • Flexibility Unleashed: Addressing low to high-frequency issues, its flexibility makes it a versatile solution for acoustic challenges.

Technical Unveiling: Decoding BASOTECT™

The Symphony of Available Foams

BASOTECT™ offers a spectrum of foams, each tailored to specific needs:

  • Basotect® TG
  • Basotect® W
  • Basotect® B
  • Basotect® G+
  • Basotect® UF+

Fire Ratings and Dimensional Peaks

  • Fire Ratings: Ascending to Class 0, meeting and exceeding stringent safety standards.
  • Maximum Dimensions: Impressive dimensions of 2500mm x 1250mm x 500mm allow grand implementations.

Density and Thermal Symphony

  • Density: A standard UF+ density of 9kg/m³ balances weight and performance.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Excellent thermal conductivity enhances its effectiveness in thermal insulation.

Ordering and Delivery: Streamlined Harmonies

Navigating Delivery Charges

  • Delivery charges vary based on the shipping country. Customers can calculate costs by placing products in the basket and using the “Calculate shipping” feature after entering their address.
  • Large orders merit potential shipping discounts, showcasing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Accepted Payment Sonata

  • Card payments compose a harmonious arrangement for convenience.
  • BACS payments are welcome, with funds requiring clearance before the dispatch overture.
  • Cash on collection forms the final payment option, offering flexibility to customers.

Delivery Tempo

  • Goods are orchestrated to be delivered within 10 to 14 working days from the order placement, ensuring a prompt and efficient symphony of delivery.

Conclusion: BASOTECT™ – Maestro of Architectural Acoustics

As we draw the curtains on this exploration, it’s evident that BASOTECT™ by BASF is not merely material; it’s a transformative maestro in architectural acoustics. Its versatility, technical brilliance, and cost-effectiveness make it a cornerstone in crafting acoustic masterpieces. The Acoustics Company, as proud licensees of BASF BASOTECT melamine foam, leads the ensemble in delivering innovation that reverberates across soundscapes.

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