Everything You Need to Know About Internet Throttling

Are you experiencing a slow internet connection? If yes, then we bet you know how it feels. Sometimes, your internet gets sluggish for external reasons, but other times, your internet service provider might be throttling your connection. And if it is a recurring issue, then you have to take certain measures to avoid it.

Please know that sometimes throttling is necessary, so the internet connection remains stable for everyone. However, some providers deliberately reduce costs to boost their profits by throttling the connection.

Willing to know more about it? Let’s delve in!

Internet Throttling: What is it?  

Internet throttling occurs when your ISP deliberately throttles your internet connection. Most of the internet service providers do this to regulate the network and clear network congestion. Moreover, internet throttling mostly occurs between 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The mere reason is that most people use the internet during this time.

Well, throttling is indeed irritating, and you should contact your ISP if you feel that your connection is being throttled. However, please know that before you blame your ISP, you should make sure that the issue is not on your end. Consider closing down the unnecessary tabs and clearing your internet history. If things still do not work out, check your internet speed.

We suggest you conduct two-speed tests, one during peak hours and the other during off-peak hours. If you notice a significant difference in your internet speed, then you should contact your internet service provider to discuss it.

If you are tired of this issue and looking for a provider, then we suggest you choose RCN. It offers a fiber-optic internet connection and does not throttle your internet connection. In addition, it delivers the speed it promises. If you are looking for more information regarding its speed tiers, then please reach out to RCN customer service.

Reasons Your Connection is Being Throttled

There are many reasons that your ISP might throttle your connection, and a few of them are listed below.

  • Your ISP might throttle specific websites to prevent the subscriber from using them.
  • Your provider might limit the amount of data you can access every month. So, if you are about to reach the data cap, then you might experience data throttling.
  • If the network is crowded, then the ISP throttles the connection to ensure it remains stable for all the users.

Signs of Internet Throttling

Following are some of the common signs of internet throttling.

  • You are unable to visit most of the websites.
  • Your files take much longer to download.
  • If you notice sluggish internet speed during the evening, then it is one of the major signs of throttling.
  • You are unable to stream videos on Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming service.

Tips to Avoid Throttling

The following are some of the tips that you can use if you want to avoid throttling.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

If you are convinced that your ISP is throttling your internet connection, then we suggest you change your ISP. You should look for an internet provider that offers unlimited data and does not throttle your connection.

Use a VPN

If your ISP throttles your connection during peak hours, then we suggest you use a VPN. The mere reason is that a VPN can hide your IP address, so your internet service provider will not be able to track your internet usage. In addition, a VPN not only encrypts your network, but ensures that your connection is safe. However, please do not use free VPNs, and consider using premium VPNs such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Vvpyr.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

If your ISP is not the problem, and you do not want to change your ISP, then we suggest you upgrade your internet plan. There are chances that you might have chosen the wrong internet package that does not fit your needs.

We suggest you stay on top of your data usage, so you can avoid reaching your monthly data cap. You can even use a data monitoring app for this. If you feel that you are surpassing your monthly data cap, then you can consider upgrading your speed tier. Thus, contact your ISP and choose a flexible data plan, so you can bypass the bandwidth limit. With this tip, you will notice a significant difference in your internet connection.

To End Things Off

There you go! You should always be aware of internet throttling as it will help you decide what is better for you: a new internet service provider or a better internet plan. Please know that throttling is a common practice today, and many ISPs do it purposefully to earn more profit. However, you should not settle for less and talk to your service provider about it.


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